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If you or someone you know is in need of housing assistance or related services, we can help! Please call our Helpline 833-999-TONI or email us at [email protected]


Explore our mobile learning courses covering a variety of topics that support recovery and healthy living. They’re designed with all audiences in mind, easy to access with just your mobile phone, and can be completed at your own pace.

Emergency Care
In this course, we share the essential steps to take when encountering someone who may be in an emergency physical state. You’ll learn to recognize the signs of and provide assistance to those suffering from situations such as overdose, alcohol poisoning, heart attack, seizure, stroke, dehydration, heat stroke, hypothermia, frostbite, infection and wound care, and respiratory infection. Tap Here to begin. 
Healthy Relationships
From the way we treat ourselves, to nurturing our closest relationships, to our exchanges with strangers in our daily lives, relationships impact every facet of our lives. In this course, we’ll walk you through the different kinds of relationships and discuss practical approaches to developing and maintaining healthy ones, including what it means to establish healthy boundaries. Tap here to begin. Tap Here to begin. 
Positive Psychology: Leading yourself to the life you want
Discover the core principles of positive psychology and how it enables you to manifest a peaceful and fulfilled life. Learn easy-to-implement techniques for building and maintaining a positive self-regard and optimistic point of view. Tap Here to begin. 

Substance Use Disorders & Approaches to Recovery
AAre you concerned that you or a loved one might have an addiction? Maybe you’re already looking for help to jumpstart recovery? Then this course is for you. Learn to identify the signs, symptoms, and diagnostic criteria of substance use disorders and utilize self-assessment tools to reflect on substance use and its impact. You’ll be introduced to the various treatment options that are available and shown how to develop and implement a personalized sobriety plan with goals for recovery and wellness. Finally, you’ll explore strategies for maintaining long-term sobriety, including coping with triggers, building resilience, and engaging with support networks. Tap Here to begin. 

Trauma & Healing
Trauma comes in all forms, whether from one big event or an ongoing unhealthy situation. If you’ve experienced trauma, you might be worried that healing isn’t possible. While it can certainly take some time to feel fully happy and healthy again, there are many steps you can take to help you move forward. Know that you will indeed be OK again and that you have the power to make your recovery journey an effective one. Tap Here to begin. 
Healthy Body Image
Our Healthy Body Image course offers a comprehensive exploration of the complex interplay between body image perceptions, societal influences, and mental well-being. Through engaging lessons, you will delve into the psychological, emotional, and cultural factors shaping body image, while acquiring practical strategies for fostering self-acceptance, navigating media influences, and building supportive communities. Tap here to begin. Tap Here to begin. 

Programs and Events

Here you can find monthly events throughout the year. Events include things such as:

Non-Denominational Bible Study: Lessons are relevant to rebuilding broken lives and learning to love yourself and others. Recovering addicts and friends and family are encouraged to attend.

Recovery Meetings: A speaker-driven meeting on recovery. All recovering addicts are encouraged to attend. (Coed) 

Community Connections


Food | Shelter | Recovery


Food | Shelter | Recovery

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Food | Shelter | Recovery


Addiction Treatment


Detox and Rehab Center


Behavioral Healthcare Hospital


Psychiatric, Detox, and Rehab


Health & Human Services | Recovery


Supportive Services




Homeless Shelter and Services


Multi-agency Resources


Homeless Services


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Multiple Servies


Job Career Center

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