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Mother's Day @ Country Club 2015

Our Inaugural Mother’s Day Dinner

Toni’s House was originally conceived as a safe-haven for women with children, but as the organization’s development unfolded, it eventually launched as a house for adult men and a house for adult women in recovery. Even though there were no children living on the property, we quickly saw the impact that is made on family structures, and children in particular, when parents in recovery are able to successfully rebuild their lives and repair their relationships.

So when we envisioned a celebratory event that would honor the recovery process while sharing our successes with the broader community and our supporters, it made sense to frame it around Mother’s Day, a day when all of us reflect on the power of healthy nurturing. It goes without saying that even our name honors a mother who struggled but persevered!

In 2015, we hosted our first offsite, formal, Mother’s Day Dinner at the Las Vegas Country Club, a more than 70 year old institution in the city that sits on a beautiful property and golf course. While we were excited to have everyone gather in such a lovely setting, we also realized that the magnitude of the event made our residents feel honored, special and accomplished. From then on, we have been intentional about curating a day that our residents can look forward to, as each year marks a milestone in their recovery and centers their stories and experiences.

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