Toni's House

Toni’s House provides a safe living environment and a supportive community for people in transition, to help them heal, reconnect with children and family, and develop the skills needed for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Toni’s House has helped a multitude of extraordinary women and men get to a better place. Our holistic approach to recovery acknowledges that while each individual has unique needs and specific issues to address, sustainable personal growth requires they have access to support in all facets of their lives.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance or interested in living at Toni’s House, please call our HelpLine: 833-999-Toni (8664) or email us at [email protected] to find out about availability and the intake process.

Likewise, if you are interested in supporting Toni’s House, please check out the different ways available to help.

Our Story

Toni’s House was originally purchased by Monique Westfield in the hopes of fulfilling her mother’s dream of one day becoming a homeowner.

Unfortunately, Monique’s mother, Toni, had very little time to live her dream. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Wanting to see her mother fulfilled, Monique decided to buy a home in Las Vegas where Toni could live the rest of her life.

Despite overcoming adversity throughout her life, and surpassing the life- expectancy prediction of her doctors, just a few months after moving in, Toni fell too ill to live in the house. She died not long after at her son’s home.

Monique wanted to create something to honor Toni and the hope and resilience with which she lived her life. She decided to turn the empty house into a home for those in need of a safe environment to change their lives. This is how Toni’s House began.

Our areas of focus are:

Toni’s House provides transitional support to those on the road to recovery who are committed to a life without addiction. This is achieved through several areas of focus that allow residents to live life to the fullest, experience all of its adventures, make the most of relationships, and be present in the moment.

Rehab and Sobriety

Vital steps on the road to recovery.

Health and Wellness

Essential for living a robust, happy, and fulfilled life.

Strong Families

Includes people we love and those who love us.

Educational Opportunity

Enables individuals to acquire knowledge and skills.

Employment and Career

Emotional support can be one of first things that you can do to help a job seeker.

Inclusive Community

Inclusive communities are welcoming to diverse groups of people.

Financial Planning

Determining how one will afford to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Active Citizenship

Get involved in your community and display values of respect, inclusion and helping others.
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